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Friday, August 18, 2006
  Kam VedBrat : How To: Podcasting with Windows Vista
Kam VedBrat : How To: Podcasting with Windows Vista

Nice little article - I'd just found the feature in the IE7 feed "Automatically Download Attached Files", sounds intriguing! I'm going to find out specifically which tags it will download - Could this feature be used to download .torrents into a folder as well? Hmm?
Monday, August 14, 2006
  Google Toolbar v4
You gotsta check out the new Google Toolbar v4 - It takes about 30 seconds to download and install, some REALLY awesome features

- New button library - search you favorite sites
- Bookmarks that you save into the toolbar and then can access from any computer you login to!
- Search suggestions
- More!

I think Microsoft seriously owes Google a thank you, if it wasn't for the Google Toolbar I think I would have switched to Firefox ages ago...
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Ok, another CamStudio demo for you...

How would you like to see how quick and easy it is to download a BitTorrent client, search for and start downloading an Album?

It's dead easy, and I'll show you how...

Here's some additional info/links for you...

The Technology - What is BitTorrent?
The Software - uTorrent Download Page
The Search Engine - MiniNova
The Band - The Charlatans UK

By the way, this time I added a little 'Title' to my video using Windows Movie Maker, and also Saved it out of Movie Maker as a .WMV, which greatly reduced the size, down from 240mb to 13mb, and then uploaded it to Google Video... Total time required from start to finish, about 30 minutes... (Started just before midnight, it's 12:35 as I type this...)
  Video Demo of IE7 BETA3
Continuing in the vein of offering cool tech tips, I'm always looking at, and experimenting with new technologies to share with everyone.

The latest toy I've downloaded and tried out is called Cam Studio. This product allows you to make a video screen capture. It's great for creating a demo or tutorial of how to use a program, or do something with your PC, and it will record audio from the microphone at the same time.

I've used the software to create a quick (3 minute) demo of Internet Explorer 7 BETA 3. I've then uploaded it to Google Video and embedded here... Now this is my first shot at this, and you'll find there are 2 main problems that I need to correct:

1) The Audio is a little low, but you can turn up your speakers to compensate
2) The resolution gets shot via the upload to Google Video, so it's quite blurry, the next CamStudio video I make will be at a much lower resolution, I think 400x300 should still end up fairly viewable.

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