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Friday, October 27, 2006
  Cheap 108mb Wireless Router + Storage!
Check this out - is offering the DLINK DI-624S unit for $49, less a $15 rebate... It's your standard Wireless Router, *BUT* it has 2 USB ports for connecting external USB harddrives and it'll share them out! I snapped one up, don't have a USB disk to connect at the moment to test it out - but could be a very cheap way to essentially set up a SERVER at home that you can then connect your XBOX, other PC's, LAPTOP to, etc... Download all your movies & music there, keep your PC hard drive free for applications, etc...
Thursday, October 19, 2006
  Internet Explorer 7: RELEASED
Internet Explorer 7: Home - Well IE7 is out... for real... I'd strongly recommend upgrading from IE 6, and if you decide it ain't the shiznet, then give up and go Firefox... Scroll down, or check the archives for a video going over some of the cool features...
Thursday, October 12, 2006
  Exchange 2003 Mobile Features
Ok, so it's not the latest and greatest news, but I finally had a chance to check out the Exchange 2003 mobile features, and now I'm synching my PocketPC to my Outlook over WiFi - not quite Blackberry, but we're getting there! also Outlook Mobile Access, which is like Outlook Web Access, but a super-slimmed-down text version, perfect for mobile phones / PocketPC's... If your company already has Outlook Web Access, try hitting the same address, but putting in oma instead of exchange after the hostname, that's the default address or Outlook Mobile Access... It should work great and give you quick/easy access to read your messages using any web-enabled mobile phone.
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