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Thursday, July 12, 2007
  tasklist and taskkill XP Command Line

Way back in the day, when I was working at Merrill Lynch, I was introduced to some Unix utilities, ps and kill.  I would use these utilities to identify processes on the traders workstations that were hung, and terminate them.

Windows has had a graphical way to do this for a while, and there were Windows versions of these utilities that came with the resource kit - tslist.exe and kill.exe.

While working on a recent project I needed a way to tell if a process was running, if so, then kill it, so I was digging around to get copies of these utilities when I discovered that XP now has new versions of these utilities built in!

tasklist and taskkill

They basically have the same role as those other command-line utilities!  Try them out, open a Command Prompt and run 'em, tasklist shows you your list of running processes (sort of like Task Manager), and then taskkill can be passed a process ID or program name and it will terminate the process.

  GDrive Shell Extension

This is a super cool little app - freeware, easy to install.

Once installed, it creates a 'GDrive', basically it's a interface that appears under 'My Computer' that links into your Google Mail account, letting you drag 'n drop files in there. 

So you could install this at home, and at work and it's a super easy way to transfer files back & forth! 

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