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Thursday, March 20, 2008
  Easter & Cloud Software
I like to think a lot and draw connections between things. The pending release of Ubuntu along with continued enhancements of Google Apps along with Easter made a thought pop into my head.

Jesus allegedly died on Good Friday, and on Easter Sunday he rose from the dead and floated off into the Clouds (heaven) right?

Well perhaps this weekend would be a good opportunity for Good Christians (and everyone else) to do the same thing with their use of applications.

Take some time this long weekend to experiment with applications that exist in the Cloud, move away from the current old school desktop office applications which tie you down to this mundance existance.

Google Apps including their Spreadsheet, Word Processor and Presentation applications will allow you to work with all of your documents online, through your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox), from any computer that is online. You can import existing documents, you can easily redownload them again, export to PDF, even share and collaborate with others.

The future is in the cloud, don't be afraid! Give it a try!

If you can get comfortable with using these application, and you move the majority of your working documents, email, etc, into the cloud, then you have the freedom to use whatever operating system you want, you can get out from under Microsoft and being to use free, open source software like Linux. When you're shackled to Microsoft Office, that's not an easy decision to make.
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