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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
  Modding a Wii
Well, looks like my boys are getting a wii shortly, so time for me to get up to speed on the modding scene and share what I've found...

First off, my old modding guy, Gary from OPA is nowhere to be found, his shop Games In the Beaches has been gone since August 2007, and I can't find any up to date contact info for him...?

So I've found a new guy, based in Brampton, Bovaird & Dixie Rd area. $130 for the current version of the Wii, this is for the d2ckey mod chip -

I've just read an article on how to 'backup' Wii games - - Seems a little dated perhaps, but the funny part is, apparently there are only 4 models of DVD-ROM drive that will work trying to rip Wii DVD's, I happened to have a small stack of CD/R, DVD/R drives on a shelf downstairs that I'd pulled out of older machines that I was throwing away, and guess what? I have one of the LG drives!! This is good news, so it should be fairly straight forward to just rent games from Rogers Video and make copies :)

I'll post up some additional comments/videos after we've got the Wii happening...
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