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Saturday, January 14, 2006
  Free XBOX 360? Come on... Joking?
Ok, so you've heard of the iPod thing, fair enough, no biggie... How about getting an XBOX 360 for Free?.

Through the Freebie Authority site, I found a link to this place. They are quite similar to Gratis, who run the Free iPod site, they have a variety of offers, the one that tweaked my interest is the XBOX 360...

You need to get -8- referrals, 3 more than the 5 required for the iPod, but clearly, the XBOX 360 is an even more valuable item (and I imagine shipping would be more too!).

I haven't been in a hurry to jump into this, as:
I've seen some of the XBOX 360 games, they do look great - Project Gotham Racing 3, and Call of Duty 2 and they look absolutely gorgeous! I checked them out at Best Buy... The 360 comes with Wireless controllers which is cool, and all the games are in High Definition, so they'll look glorious on a proper HD set...

Anyhow, if/when I get around to moving forward and actually looking to get my 8 referrals, I'll post the status & updates here! Giddyup!
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