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Thursday, December 07, 2006
  Crosstalk - Excellent Software for Remote Control / Helping Users
Thanks to Santos for the tip on this one - very handy little application for Remote Control / Remote Assistance, this is what Remote Assistance in Windows XP should have been - works through a Firewall, through NAT, works brilliantly actually, and it's free (currently), although clearly this organization has to develop some type of revenue model, currently no advertising or anything... Check out the web site, read the FAQ, and give it a try, in 2 minutes you can be connected up and screen sharing - based on VNC technology...

John - thanks to you and santos for this post on us. Just wanted to also make myself available to you and your readers if you have any questions on CrossLoop. I would also recommend subscription of our blog (http://crossloop.typepad.com) for future developments, releases etc - we plan to bring some new things early next year.
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