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Monday, February 26, 2007
  Logitech Harmony Remote

This is my latest 'tech' purchase. The Logitech Harmony Remote H659... Designed to be a UNIVERSAL remote, and then some... The Logitech line of Harmony remotes ranges in price from about $150, that's about what mine ran me, up to over $500 for the crazy models... What seperates this from your average, $20-$30 Universal Remote?
- You plug it into your PC, it has a USB connection and Software that steps you through the configuration process, Wizard-style
- It has 'Activities' buttons, for instance 'Watch a Movie', this will automatically: Turn on your TV, Turn on your DVD Player, Turn on your A/V Receiver, set to the right inputs. Then you hit the OFF button, and it turns everything off... Like Macros sort-of... Very cool!
- It has a 'HELP' feature, that steps you through troubleshooting if things aren't working the way you expect.
- There's a lot of custom configuration you can do, so far I'm very pleased with it... No problems getting it to control my ExpressVu Set Top Box/PVR, my LiteON DVD Recorder, Toshiba TV and Technics Receiver...
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