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Sunday, April 29, 2007
  Latest words on Ubuntu/Linux
Well I'm still thoroughly enjoying my new passion of farting around with Ubuntu... If you're somewhat technical, or at least adventurous, I'd strongly recommend you give Ubuntu a shot...

Latest stuff I've done - Installed the Beryl Window Manager Interface - It let's you do really, really cool stuff like have a wicked rotating 3D desktop, and have your windows 'burn up' when you close them - here's a screen shot.

Aside from some Eye Candy though, I just am really digging the whole concept of Linux, and especially Ubuntu.

Here are some of the reasons why fundamentally it just feels 'right' to me...

- The project isn't tied to one particular person, the whole concept of open source, and of community and shared participation is altruistic and good.
- The frequent, regularly scheduled releases are great... Why wait 4 years between operating system upgrades? Ubuntu comes out every 6 months.
- Free. Ok, so I've never been a big fan of paying for software, but to not be forced to pay, but to be able to legally have free software, that's great!
- Integrated application installation/upgrades - This is really cool. Not only do the base operating system components install automatically, but all the other software you need does as well. You just go into the Add/Remove Programs, or Package Manager, select an application and go, it's installed for you, no manually having to hunt around, download stuff, answer a dozen prompts of the directory it's going to go in (like who cares?), it just installs... Bam!
- Performance - I haven't done any direct comparisons, but Ubuntu really flies on this P4 machine, no complaints at all.

It seems I'm not the only way being recently wooed by Ubuntu, here's a couple of other bloggers, who around the same time are getting jiggy w/ Linux...



Why not join the revolution and we can all learn together! I think my old laptop will be next in line for the conversion! :)
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