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Thursday, May 31, 2007
  Some New Gear at Home
Picked up some new Gear from Tiger Direct this week...

First off, have been having some fairly continuous outages on my Internet connection over the past few weeks, rebooting my D-Link Wireless-G Storage Router seemed to resolve the problem. The router wasn't that old, but doesn't have a firmware update available, so what can you do???

I decided to get something a little better, decided on Linksys as a manufacturer this time... Model # is WRT54GL - ($93.99)They're a little more expense than the other brands, but the fact that they're owned by Cisco made my feel good about this... Another neat feature - the Firmware was released as Open Source, and therefore there are a variety of 3rd party, different versions available... Anyhow, I've had the new unit fired up for about 24 hours now and it's working great.

Next up, when I was in the Tiger store to pick up the router, I saw they had this multi-function printer/scanner Lexmark x1290 unit on sale for $69... Hmmm... Lexmark, good brand... They have some even better deals on the website, one with some free paper and ink, another w/ a 2GB USB drive... Crazy!

Did some research on it last night, seemed to be a half-decent unit and for that price, you can't go wrong...

Anyhow, the drivers on the CD were only for XP, so ended up installing and then uninstalling those, pulled down the Vista drivers from the Lexmark site, and installed those, so far so good, working like a charm, I've already scanned and uploaded some old pics from a high school yearbook.

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